U.V.I.C.A. - Vignerons Ardéchois is a group of co-operative wineries created in 1967 and comprising 14 cellars located in the southern half of Ardèche. Most of the grapes harvested by its 1,500 members are transformed into wine at one of these sites.

Winemaking is carried out by the cellars according to the characteristics of each product in terms of grape variety, terroir and equipment. The Union’s oenology department oversees the winemaking and decides upon the most suitable approach for each wine. Its bottled or bag-in-box brands are packaged in-house.  

Established a number of years ago now, the partnership between the cellars is an important aspect to their quality-driven strategy. It allows U.V.I.C.A to efficiently respond to its customers’ needs by guaranteeing a consistent standard of quality. In addition, by working together, the cellars can reduce costs and propose in turn competitive prices.

Rather than discouraging growers, the area’s restrictive geography encouraged them on the contrary to work together. As a result, they started off by constructing winegrowing sites throughout the entire southern part of Ardèche, and later federated them together. At present, U.V.I.C.A. - Vignerons Ardéchois, has become a major wine industry operator, as it elaborates around 70% of the total production of PGI wines within the Rhone-Alps region.